CORPORATE MEMBER Memberships: Enquiries: 0845 519 4749 E-mail Us - Click here de  en  es  fr  it  el  ru  pt  pl  tr  ko  zh  Copyright © 2011 Olive Translations Ltd Terms and Conditions  Legal and Patent Translation    Olive translations specialises in providing legal and intellectual property (IP) translations; a highly technical combination. We have translated thousands of patents into dozens of languages in the most complex of fields from engineering to the biochemical and biomedical fields. As well as providing patent translations into and from European languages, we also translate regularly to and from Japanese, Russian, Korean and Chinese. Coupled with quality, we can help you make significant cost savings and increase the likelihood that your clients will file for protection in more countries. This provides the double benefit of both more business for you and broader protection for your clients. In proving our commitment to quality, Olive Translations is certified by Bureau VERITAS® to both ISO Management Standard 9001:2008 and Translation Services Standard EN 15038. Furthermore, our experience has shown that patent authorities in different countries can be quite fussy, but we can help make the filing process flow seamlessly both from a language and documentation point of view. Please contact us to discuss your needs further.       The Choice is Clear           100% Money Back Guarantee de  en  es  fr  it  el  ru  pt  pl  tr  中文  한국어